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Year of the Unitenma: A Collaboration with RoamingNyiad sorry couldnt fit the titlebox

Ok, the thrid seires of my Anthro pony project is gonna be out soon, but just with a tiny bit of a .delay. Also :iconelciddemaestro: would like to bring out something he calls "The Year of the Unitenma", a storyline that would be more of the tie-in concerning Luneria and Solaris, the two ponies you will see in the project. He provides the following words about this:

 "As a real life friend of Bioblood, I, RoamingNyiad, made a good number of my ideas seperate from Bio's. While this may seem to go without saying, I am aware Bio ties in many of his stories with his friends. Alas, my ideas are too seperate to accomodate everything Bio's done for his main story. As a result, the "Year of the Unitenma" brand of sorts I came up with is a partial-retelling based on more of the ideas I've done with Bio and :iconsunjian54:, due to my personal interactions with them. As a result, if anything seems different from how you remember the story Bio has had up to this point, it is because I simply do not know any way to consolidate my ideas into the inter-connected story Bio has with other friends, some of whom may be reading this. I hope this won't be too disruptive to other friends of Bio's who were in previous stories of Bio's and that is why I must brand this next story seperately, due to the inherantly disruptive nature of the storyline you are about to read. If you don't believe me, read the story below to find out why. Anyway, hope you enjoy this "brand" of sorts for the next series of anthro ponies. I'll be working on this with Bio some of the time and also may or may not repost some of the info in my own gallery as well as repost other pictures Bio has done for me with the biographies I intended for chars drawn by me, depending on this goes. Send me a note if you're curious. -RoamingNyiad"

The Year of the Unitenma: A Brief History of the lost Royal Family

From the end of Discord’s first reign of chaos until the original Nightmare Moon incident, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna ruled Equestria as equal entities of power and authority. It was thought that the present day’s history books remembered everything about that history, but as this scripture is about to reveal, the Element of Magic's name was not the only thing initially lost to time 1,000 years ago.

After the fall of Discord but before the Nightmare Moon incident, Celestia had a husband who the strongest mage of the time, Eclipseus Unitenma. Little else is known about Eclipseus’ early history, but he had joined forces with the then-current Guard Master, El Cid de Maestro, during the fights against Discord and Sombra. Being made an alicorn for what was supposed to be a pledge of eternity to Celestia, Eclipseus rebuilt the sisters’ modest palace into the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, intending to be both a testament of love to Celestia and a testament to the future of the Unitenma bloodline he would start with Celestia and by extention Luna. Eclipseus had intended for this palace to be the birthplace of the Unitenma bloodline, but he had no idea the castle would be doomed to ruin in events to come. He also would not expect Luna to make modifications to his planned masterpiece of architecture that would only be discovered long after the castle was abandoned.

Not long before the original banishment of Nightmare Moon, Celestia had two children. First born was her older son who was named Solaris and two years later her younger daughter Luneria followed. The family was briefly happy and Celestia would even inscribe her knowledge and pride in her family into two tomes named after her children, the Solaris and Luneria tomes. Although the originals would remain in the hooves of Celestia herself long after the original Nightmare Moon was banished, copies of these tomes would be forged by sympathizers of Nightmare Moon in hopes of reviving her early and would end up in the hooves of the Ixion clan 500 years later before being displaced in time in the Half-Moon Wars.
What history would not remember was that on the night Luna became Nightmare Moon, Celestia’s husband Eclipseus took the kids to try to flee Nightmare Moon’s wrath while Celestia desperately tried to reason with her enraged younger sister, hoping to stave off the inevitable banishment in vain as to not risk the Elements of Harmony. Only when it was believed the rest of her family was killed by Nightmare Moon’s unfocused wrath would she finally take up the Elements and banish her own sister, believing for most of the prophesized 1,000 years to pass that she would one day have to find a way to kill her own sister for the loss of her family.

In actuality, when Nightmare Moon tried kill Eclipseus and the kids, Eclipseus teleported out of sight from the palace with a time stone and hid into a pocket realm to protect his children. What he did not realize was that in his desperation, he did not realize the time stone he used was split in half by Nightmare Moon’s magic and the split had trapped the three in a time rift that could in theory cause even immortal alicorns to die and be lost in the void of time he  unintentionally took sanctuary in. As to protect his children from accelerated aging even alicorn DNA could not withstand, he put his own children into a slumber of suspended animation to preserve their well-being at the expense of his own lifeforce so his children could survive where he would eventually not be able to. While he was uncertain of how much time passed in the rift, more than 900 years passed in Equestria itself before Eclipseus could finally patch through to his thought-to-be-widowed wife about him being trapped in the time void and with their combined magic reunited the Time Stone he used to allow the trio to escape and reunite with Celestia almost 1,000 years later. It was only then Celestia realized Luna did NOT have blood on her hooves and she truly had made a mistake in banishing her own sister as well as cutting her family’s connection to the Elements of Harmony. The re-union would last for one final precious year before Eclipseus at last died from the effects of the void of time he was trapped un-protected in, leaving Celestia widowed for real and their children without their father. 

With the loss of the Unitenma family’s founding patriarch, Celestia hid away her children in plain sight by having them take up false identities as to not lose them to Nightmare Moon a second time or to others like Discord and Sombra, both being other villains of Celestia’s past who would return during the resurgence of the Elements of Harmony. However, her actions to protect her children at all cost would soon cause strain with one of own children she tried to protect and lead to a new type of crisis that would blow out the understanding of history as everypony in the modern day knew it.
The biological heirs of Celestia would rise again in the most unexpected of ways and places possible and their own stories begin anew, for only the heirs to the Unitenma clan can unlock the final secret resting in the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters that Eclipseus only entrusted to those of HIS blood. While he never got to return to the castle of his children’s birth, one of his children will soon be drawn nearthe land of their birth that the Everfree Forest has now consumed.

“Sunset leads the moon to rise and nightfall in term leads the sun to reprise its sacred dawn across the sky. Such balance shall be the Unitenma’s pride.” –Eclipseus Unitenma


Bio Erwin Hazard/Haze
United States
Bio Erwin Hazard/Haze is my name, it's long story on what heppen to me.....Mess with me and your dead...and you mess with my Children, it's ten times wores

Current Residence: Garfield NJ
Favourite cartoon character: Code Geass, Ed, Eddn, and Eddy, pokemon, Naruto, My little pony friendship is magic


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